Monthly Archives: June 2015

We Can When Others Can’t or Won’t

“We can when others can’t or won’t” is a slogan Petersen International has been using for years. It’s more than a tagline, it’s the truth. Most insurance professionals recognize us as specialists in high-limit or excess disability insurance, which we proudly concede. We write comprehensive disability policies for the Hollywood elite, Wall Street movers and […]

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Acts of War & Terror

Although a culturally rich, diverse and historic part of our planet, for more than a millennia, the Middle East has been a breeding ground for terrorism, religious extremism and violence where social atrocities have become commonplace. The current political climate has remained scalding over the last several years, and with State Department analysts suggesting a […]

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Travel Insurance – Because U.S. Medical Plans Just Won’t Cut It

The summer months are upon us, marking a busy time for the international travel industry.  Family vacations, study-abroad programs, high school/college senior trips, honeymoons and humanitarian missions are but a few of the reasons Americans will be traveling overseas throughout the next several months.  Unbeknownst to many, their trusted U.S. medical policies won’t sufficiently cover […]

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