Monthly Archives: August 2015

New Tool for Producers: Agency Branding

Petersen International has always strived to assist the producers with whom we work with bettering their businesses and helping achieve more financial success in the most efficient ways possible. We will do the same for you. We have developed an easy-to-follow program that will design and implement primary corporate branding or co-branding of your agency’s […]

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Catastrophe on the High Seas

Cruise ships of today are like floating cities, comfortably carrying thousands of passengers and crewmembers to exotic locales by way of the planet’s oceans and rivers.  It is estimated that over 22 million people worldwide will travel by cruise line in 2015.  Of those, 12 million are Americans.  Combine that with an annual industry growth […]

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Product News and Enhancements

Here is our summer blockbuster: Petersen International is excited to announce the official launch of the most progressive high-limit DI plan in the history of the American insurance industry.  Working with a top-rated European insurer, we have developed an “own occupation” excess disability policy with a 10 year term of insurance! This is the only […]

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