Monthly Archives: December 2014

Hidden Liability When Firing an Employee

Most employment dissolutions taking place in small to large businesses are done so with amicable intentions.  Of course employees are generally and understandably upset, but the break-up of employee and employer is usually beneficial, in the long run, to both parties.  Severed employees must come to grips that personalities clashed enough to produce an unhealthy […]

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Shopping this Holiday Season

Researchers anticipate Americans will have record spending on gifts and holiday trimmings and trappings this year.  That figure is absolutely dumbfounding.  But even more astonishing is the realization of how few Americans have appropriate disability income protection.  That may have sounded like a sloppy literary transition, and you may not see an immediately strong connection, […]

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Where Have All The Pirates Gone?

As long as man has sailed the oceans, there have been pirates – men, and in rare instances women, who exploit maritime transit and commerce for financial gain by use of violence, intimidation and terror.  The earliest documented accounts of piracy come from ancient Greek tales of the “Sea Peoples”, unidentified seafaring raiders who attacked […]

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