Monthly Archives: December 2013

Gearing-Up for 2014

Winter is upon us, and as usual the holiday season brings important and wonderful times spent with family and friends, but can also create a lull in incoming business. Many of your clients or potential prospects are traveling or are dealing with year-end issues in their own businesses…

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In Over Their Heads

As an insurance professional, you are in the service of protecting your clients’ best business and financial interests. For your small to medium business owner clients, you most likely prescribe life insurance, perhaps you suggest liability insurance and hopefully you indicate their absolute need for disability insurance in its various forms… Learn More

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Now is the Time to Sell Disability Insurance

A sense of looming uncertainty brought on by the Affordable Care Act has, of lately, been palpable among insurance agents, as the frustrations of consumers are aired on national television daily. Domestic life insurance sales have plateaued in recent months and the annuity and long term care markets seem to have stalled completely…

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