Monthly Archives: April 2023

Businesses Get Disabled Too!

It is funny how people look at their insurance and how they value certain things over other things. Take the case of a business with multiple partners. The partners will diligently work toward building the business. Sometimes this means not taking much of a paycheck and “investing” back into the company to help it grow. […]

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Travel Medical Plans Enhancement

Travel medical insurance is financially important and should be a necessity to anyone (tourist, business traveler, student, family visitor, foreign aid worker, overseas contractor, etc.) traveling or residing outside their home country. Petersen International offers two easy-to-follow travel medical plans that help fill the many benefit gaps hidden throughout U.S. healthcare policies; one for outbound […]

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Kidnap & Ransom

Last month, a horrific incident occurred in Matamoros, Mexico, making U.S. national headlines as four South Carolina residents were kidnapped and held against their will by suspected drug cartel associates in the border town south of Texas.  Two of the four Americans survived and were eventually freed and returned to the States, but two were […]

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