Monthly Archives: February 2016

Ever Heard of Guaranteed-Issue Disability Business Insurance?

Have you ever come across a guaranteed-issue key person DI plan?  What about guaranteed-issue BOE coverage?  GSI buy/sell insurance?  While extremely uncommon and with limited scope in the traditional disability market, these programs do exist with high-limit, robust benefit structures, and are part of Petersen International’s portfolio of unique and exciting corporate solutions.  Encompassing the […]

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What’s Peyton Going to Do Now?

On Sunday, much of the country watched as the underdog Denver Broncos triumphed over Cam Newton’s Carolina Panthers in the 50th outing of the National Football League’s championship game.  This year’s extravaganza was lackluster at best.  The showings of both quarterbacks were mediocre, but Denver’s defense saved the day for Bronco’s team leader, Hall of […]

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Hard-To-Place DI

The name Petersen has been associated with the disability insurance industry for more than 60 years.  For decades, you may have seen our ads in the trade journals, or you may be a regular reader of this publication.  You may have placed business with us over the years, or you may have yet to reach […]

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