Monthly Archives: March 2021

The Buy/Sell Plus – Disability Insurance

Buy/sell disability insurance is an absolutely integral part of any sound business succession plan, providing monthly or lump sum proceeds to a business owner with the explicit intent to purchase corporate shares from a permanently disabled partner; essentially allowing a healthy owner or owners to buy-out a disabled partner’s interest in the company. A problem […]

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The Final Frontier

As a kid I recall watching reruns of the original Star Trek series and the subsequent movie franchise.  I remember hearing a narrative voiced by William Shatner remarking that space was mankind’s “final frontier.”  It’s quite a vast one at that.  With all of our technology and the scientific research and expertise of centuries of […]

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Protecting That Which Is Essential

The “rainmaker.”  The term typically holds substantial clout, influence and respect.  Defined as “a person who generates income for a business or organization by brokering deals or attracting clients or funds”, a rainmaker is a key employee or business owner, usually a go-getter who is mainly responsible for a firm’s incoming new business and retention […]

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