Monthly Archives: June 2004

Business Disability Insurance

Business Disability Insurance was conceived and came alive at the Purdue University Life Insurance Marketing Institute in 1957. Under the banner of β€œThe Advanced Accident and Health Underwriting Seminar,” high ranking insurance executives, esteemed college professors from highly respected business schools, prestigious general agents and managers of life insurance companies gathered to examine the potential for business uses of disability insurance… Learn More

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Terrorism Insurance

Terrorism is a grave and brutal subject. It is a peril in life that all people are subjected to on a daily basis. We know that this war against terrorists is likely to last a long time. People need to stabilize their lives by carrying out their duties and opportunities as best they can…

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Easy Money – The Fortune 500 Program

THE FORTUNE 500 DISABILITY BONUS PROGRAMThe April 15, 2004 issue of The Communicator celebrated the 50th year of Fortune Magazines publication of the top 500 Companies in America. In a reference to the 10/10/02 Communicator article detailing the sad and serious disability condition of vastly underinsured executives who work for Fortune 500 companies, we offered a $500 bonus on any disability cases on such persons…

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