Monthly Archives: June 2019

Caribbean Nightmares

In recent weeks, concerning news has been coming out of the Dominican Republic.  The beautiful Caribbean country with numerous beachfront resorts has become a popular American tourist destination.  But since the beginning of 2019, 11 Americans have died and a number have become critically ill while vacationing at some of the island country’s luxury hotels.  […]

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Disability Insurance for the Professional Athlete

Like the easily recognizable names in Hollywood, professional athletes have become some of the most famous faces in the world and important representatives of the many-multi-billion dollar sports entertainment industry.  Their performances and physical prowess have brought them not only fame, but astronomical incomes.  Pro athlete contracts have reached meteoric heights in recent years, comparable […]

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FTS Now Available In Texas

Petersen International Underwriters is pleased to announce the Key Person Failure to Survive (FTS) insurance is now available for sales, marketing and purchase in the state of Texas.  Residents of the grand state of Texas are now eligible to acquire Key Person FTS coverage which was previously prohibited in that state. Petersen International is privileged […]

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