Monthly Archives: October 2015

An Important Question

Those of us in the life/health insurance business should know that disablement is a frightening reality of life.  Sudden injury and prolonged sickness can happen to anyone at any stage of their career.  Yet most white-collar Americans maintain proper disability insurance on less than half of their monthly income.  If you weren’t physically able to […]

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Feeling Protected in a Foreign Land is Paramount

Americans travel the globe for many reasons. Some travel to Karachi to visit family. Many sail the Nile exploring ancient archeological sites. Some of us fly to Sao Paulo for business meetings. Others trek the Himalayas on eco-adventures or vacation in Kenya on safari. Some of us even work in Baghdad guarding the U.S. Embassy. […]

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Financial Solutions for Dentists

Running a successful dental practice is physically demanding and very expensive. Graduate school loans, mortgages, equipment loans, book of business buy-outs and property leases can all negatively affect the bottom line of a dental professional. Most general-practice dentists, dental specialists and oral surgeons are holders of multiple bank notes, letters of credit and/or business loans […]

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