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Most Everyone Would Agree That Price Is Important, However…

In a high limit disability contract, terms and definitions are critical. Here are a few of the important ones that you should be familiar with: Own Occupation – does it recognize Specialties and Subspecialties? What is the definition of Total Disability? Does it use the words “first manifest” as opposed to “first diagnosed”? Is it […]

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Great Ideas for Unique Insurance Sales Opportunities: Loan / Lease Indemnification

Take the case of …An entertainer has agreed to lease for 12 months a private jet. This provides him with the ability to do his live concert tour with the most convenience. The leasing company realized that it would be prudent to require life and disability insurance to indemnify this lease… Learn More

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Great Ideas for Unique Insurance Sales Opportunities: Basic Issues – Personal Disability Insurance

Two basic issues for Personal Disability Insurance that Petersen International Unederwriters deals with daily are Supplemental Coverage and Primary Coverage.Supplemental disability insurance provides the solution to the under insured. The rule for personal coverage is that unless an income earner has 65% to 75% of his/her income protected against a disability, that person will eventually die a financial death when disability strikes… Learn More

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