Monthly Archives: August 2021

Risk Spotlight – Real Life Case

A 61-year-old executive business owner was in the process of setting-up a proper financial succession plan with his younger business partners.  They had formed a legally binding buy/sell agreement to settle the purchase of corporate shares and payoff families in case one of the partners suddenly died or became permanently disabled.  Life insurance policies were […]

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New York Disability Bill Passes

Petersen International is extremely pleased to announce we can now write business disability insurance programs in the state of New York.  The legislature for the state of New York as well as Governor Cuomo have officially signed bill S5760-A into law. Known as Catastrophic Business Disruption Insurance, the bill allows for business disability insurance to […]

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My Week in Hollywood

Several weeks back, my wife brought to my attention a casting call in the local newspaper for a major Hollywood production.  “Extras needed to play soldiers!”  Sensing my wife and daughter’s excitement, I agreed to email an inquiry with my picture and gave it little further thought.  To my surprise just hours later, I had […]

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